Organic and Fully Fermented!
Eat Fresh or Toast to Perfection


A different Brioche... Sweet, Sourdough & Unforgettable!


Organic Vegan Babka - Apple & Cinnamon or Chocolate... dealers choice!


It's French for Focaccia and Italian for delicious!

the vegan baker

Baker Baron

Late 2022, Allon Baron began (obsessively) playing with pizza dough. After a few months he begun the deep dive into sourdough, starting with pizza. Every day was a pizza day!
After caring and developing his sourdough culture, his next step was bread, using heritage and wholewheat grains. After baking 'solid bricks' for months on end, he decided to bake six breads everyday till his sourdough knowledge fully fermented!
Less than a year later, his micro-bakery BakerBaron was up and running, specialising in Organic, Vegan, Sourdough Breads and Delicious Goodies.
Keeping it real, with only a handful of ingredients, traditional baking methods and a whole-foods approach, gave BakerBaron its vision and future. They bake in Melbourne and deliver to surrounding suburbs. They also supply deli's and Health food shops weekly.

our happy customers

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"Hey Baker Baron, thank you for opening my understanding on sourdough and why it's so much better for us. Love eating bread again!"
Marc Jamesson
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"Love it, vegan, slow fermentation, quality flour - Bread Baron, you got it on the right bake"
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"Very different Challa but I love it, very special!"
Sammy Oliver
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"I get it, it's about the flavour and the texture. Thank you!"
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"Allon, your bread is incredible!!!"
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"I think it's the best toasting bread I have ever had"
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I can’t believe I’ve got a new favourite bakery. Fougasse ridiculous, Challa spectacular, sourdough delicious. Thank you-working out our future ordering.
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